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Flamanta lends sits helping hand for cleaning - and tidying services all over Estonia. Into the briefcase of our company belong more than 100 private – and business clients, among others Kalev Spa, Meriton Hotel, Ülemiste Business House, Pärnu Hospital, Theatre Estonia, etc. The quality of cleaning –and tidying works are always in the eye of Flamanta and that is proved by the level of quality certification of cleaning – and tidying works EVS 914:2012 (INSTA 800).

Cleaning services
  • Cleaning hotels
  • Postconstruction cleaning
  • 3M Scotchgard
  • Cleaning of Office & Business Surfaces
  • Cleaning Water Parks
  • Special Cleaning Works
  • Home Cleaning

Cleaning hotels

The most important area in accommodation is cleanness and hygiene so why cleaning service forms greatly an opinion of any hotel. In addition of surface cleaning we help to raise clients’ content with our hospitable and friendly service.

Postconstruction cleaning

Postconstruction cleaning is work what has been made after construction, repair or restoration. Idea of that cleaning is to give “life” to surfaces.

3M Scotchgard

Marble and other natural stone floor system for protection and high shine no slipper result.Foors that make you shine.

Cleaning of Office & Business Surfaces

A clean environment is important for every company’s daily function. The aim of office and business surface cleaning, offered by company Flamanta, is to ensure continuous and high-quality service that excludes the annual spring clean-ups. We perform our cleaning works accordingly to client’s timetable and wants. Considering on workers welfare we use in cleaning ecologically clean substances which are accepted by allergy – and asthma associations. Thanks to right cleaning supplies and – techniques die on the vine bacteria that favour spread of diseases in your office.

Cleaning Water Parks

In public swimming pools, water parks, and spas always exist high hygiene rules which can be achieved thanks to thoughtful professional cleaning. As we know the amount of bacteria grow very quickly in humid and warm environment and that is dangerous for clients’ health, so why it is very important to guarantee safe and healthy hygiene conditions for clients.

Special Cleaning Works

Windows wash Washing PVC flooring and exchange Parquet floor wash and oiling Deep wash and protecting of stone floors Shining floor coverings Deep wash -, dry cleaning -, and dry wash of carpets Deep wash and protection of textile surfaces

Home Cleaning

We offer professional home cleaning service for houses, detached houses or small apartments. In-depth cleaning needs much time and energy what is very hard to find in nowadays fast pace of life. We perform all home procedures including floors polishing, surfaces cleaning, mould removal, bacterium disinfest, technical equipment cleaning, shopping in the grocery store, footwear cleaning, etc. Also we are able to help with your garden works cutting or hosing lawn, cutting trees and bushes.

  • Office & Commercial
  • Water Park
  • Industrial
  • Special Cleaning Works
  • Home Cleaning
  • Posthumous Cleaning

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